A Help and a Hindrance

I have the the best nieces an aunt could ask for. Rebecca and Austyn are up here in Oregon and having the time of their lives (well may by not the time of their lives but there is lots of giggling going on so what ever that means!!) I brought Rebecca up with me to help me out a bit with my punks so I can work on stuff and like take a shower with out worrying that Bonnie will end up in the river!! The girls fight over who gets to hold her and play with her, she has become their constant companion. That is the HELP part, now the hindrance...these girls want to sleep in and keep me up all hours of the night telling gruesome birthing stories. They also want me to color hair, take pictures and tweeze eyebrows, they also want to stay on my computer for hours talking to their Facebook friends. That being said, I love having them here and getting to know them better! They are so sweet and loving and extra helpful!! Here are a few highlights of our photoshoot yesterday!!

Bonnie wanted in the the photo snapping... that is until I tried to take her picture, I guess she only like ruining my other pictures!!

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*austyn* said...

kristin i love ya and i have the best aunt a niece could ask for! its been so fun and even though i have been a hindrance and a teenager, its good to be a help. and i loved the birth talk! jk lol fun times! i need to get all the pictures from you. thanks for all of the fun!