Big is an understatment

Big is and understatment when talking about these amazing wonders of nature. After over 12 years of coming up to the ranch here in oregon we decided to "branch" out of our useual points of interest and take the 2hour drive over to the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods state park. I have never visited the Redwoods before and my breath was taken away at these amazing trees. The kids enjoyed hiking and climbing in and around the trees and posing for pictures.


LaRae said...

I had never been to the see the Giant Redwoods until we came to Medford for that family reunion several years ago. We went to redwoods as part of our road trip and I loved that part of our trip so much! I was completely awed by those trees. My favorite part was walking back into the trees and listening to the silence. You could go just a little way off the road and the noise of the world went away so quickly because the giantness of the trees buffered any noise. For me, it was a very reverent feeling to view these beautiful creations from God. I would love to go again one day!

*austyn* said...

oh my! those are wayy big!!! how fun is that! hope you guys are havin fun up there! love ya and miss ya lotts!!!