...by the river

I am once again up in Medford, Oregon. For my 3 weeks vacation from triple digits! The high today was gorgeous 87 degrees. I have been working on some photo assignments having to do with light so I took some kiddos down "by the river" and snapped a few. Despite the somber look on Colby's face I assure it was only for the split second while I snapped this picture. ( I had the nerve to interrupt his frog hunting! I think the count is up to 30 something!) Sam was a bit more willing and I discovered I LOVE OREGON LIGHT! It is warm and lovely!! So here I sit with the windows open listening to the rushing of the river in my ears and surfing the net! Don't be to jealous!

A little bit of backlighting which I suck at btw! But working on it!

Until tomorrow!

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Natalie said...

My cousin is moving to Medford next year -- her husband will be an anesthesiologist at the hospital. Small world :)