10 on Wednesday the "What has Kristin been up to edition"

1. I miss 10 on Tuesday, don't you?? I wish I could say I have been so busy I don't have time to blog. I'm just in a bit of a funk. I think I have a bad case of the Januaries!!

2. You know that post I did about Justin & Mary's shoot out?? Well I won a spot!! YIPEE!! I am so excited! I get to shoot with the very best! I can't wait!

3. Grandma Zobrist had a birthday and my amazing cousin LaRae suggested the granddaughters that live in town should take her to lunch, there are only 5 out of 18 here locally but we got it together and took her to Tony Romas! It was really fun to spend some time with the girls!!
1.08.11 Lunch With Grandma Z

4. Back in November I hooked up with a photographer friend to be peer mentors/life coaches to each other. I don't know how much I am helping her be she has been an amazing help to me. She has helped me get my act together and accomplish some goals that i have been wanting to do for a long time! Every 2 weeks we chat online and set goals and talk about how we did on previous goals! It's been great!

5. So I am trying really hard to stay on track with my photo a day for 2011, it has been really hard, there has been a lot of cheating, but I am making a fresh start today! I am going to shoot EVERY DAY!!!

6. I finally got new pictures up on my picture wall, they photos were only like 2 and a half years old!! I think they look pretty great, and a big thank you to Heather for taking them!!

01.04.11 New Pictures
I wish I had gotten a little bit smaller of frames and did 9 pics so I could have more on the wall. terry thinks its not feng shuey (is that how it's spelled?) I like it the way it is!

7. I have been spending a lot of time working on my new website. I forgot how much work it is. Especially having to dig out hard drives.

8. I have also gotten myself in gear and am working with my mentor/life coach to loose some weight, she is heading to Hawaii and wanting to loose a few so we threw our hats in together and are being each others support system, making menus and counting calories! It is so much easier when you have someone to do it with!!

9. Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt!!

10. I just read though this whole post and it is really boring. I'm sorry, i want to give you all something super compelling to read but like I said, I'm in a funk!! Any ideas how to get me out of it??


Melanie said...

Great post Kristin. If that's what you come up with when you're in a funk, you are amazing! Grandma was so excited about lunch with all of you. She was so cute and said, "I think they all really had fun too!" Wish I was closer to join you. Maybe we need to have a girls get together with all the cousins.

Andrew & Heidi said...

That's it! I was wondering what was the cause of my own "funk" - I have a case of the Januaries!!!!!

Pam said...

you're not alone in your funk. this time of year is the absolute worst.

i wish i could make it to wppi to meet up with you and the others. can't wait to hear how the shoot with justin and mary goes...i'm so jealous. :)

Ashley and Matt Marx said...

You should come do insanity at the stake center we go every morning that will really kick your butt. But I like Jillian's workouts too.

Terry said...

I just thought that the two boys should be the same distance apart on the top as the girls on the bottom. Sheesh...

Melanie said...

I miss you and your posts Kristin! Please come out to play.

LaRae said...

Where have I been?? I've been thinking for the past month that I needed to find out if from you if the picture turned out because I wanted to see it - and it's been here all along. Duh! Thanks for posting it - I might steal it!