project:365 December Recap

So I took some time off this month and only ended up with a little over half the month but I'm totally OK with it. It gave me a bit of a break to gear up for...

wait for it...


That is right, I am absolutely crazy enough to throw my hat in for another year of one picture a day. I was really excited to be done with this whole thing but then I read this post by my favorite photographer of all time and I knew i had to go for it. Because things are changing so fast around here, babies are dancing with pretend princes and having pretend kisses, little boys can't drive by a propane tank without thinking of how many ways he could blow it up if he only had a hand grenade, because girls are turning into teenagers with talk of mascara and kissing boys (don't tell her father about that one) and young men are starting to stink in ways that mommas boys should never stink! I want to remember the passing of time with all of the laughter and tears and what a better way than to do that through my favorite medium...the LENS. But I digress (I do that a lot around here don't I??) On with the December Recap


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Gerry Zobrist said...

Kris I have really enjoyed the creatiity and thought you have put into documenting the frogress of your family. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!