Shoot Out with Justin & Mary

Last Year was my first year at WPPI. I had one class that I can say was the the single most influential class in my WHOLE WPPI experience. I was a little wary as to what I could gain listening to a couple of wedding photographers but I came away from this class completely ready to take on the WORLD!! I loved hear so many ideas on setting myself apart and marketing ME!! I believe that because of the things I learned from this class I had a very successful year. Now that I am embarking on the adventure of doing weddings (kinda :)) I though, when announced on Justin & Mary's Blog, that they would be doing a

I though what an amazing Opportunity!! To learn first hand from my favorite couple in the industry would be a chance of a lifetime!! I am headed to WPPI again this year and Justin & Mary were the class I was SCOURING the program to make sure I could see them again!! I saw right away that their class is going to FABULOUS!


In this tough economy and with work not being as great for the hubbs, I need all the help I can get. If you are heading to WPPI this year meet me Thursday morning there...


It is going to be the perfect ending to an awesome experince!!



Kirsten said...

What the heck? My blog isn't updating your posts! I totally missed those last few posts. I'm loving the 2010 recap pics. Sorry I cancelled lunch :( I am still feeling tired, but much better. Maybe we can have a rain check later this week!

Catie Ronquillo said...

Congrats Kristin! Looking forward to meeting you at the Shootout with J&M! :)

Heather said...

Hot diggity dog! Congratulations to you. That is going to be so fun!

Holli True said...

Hi Kristin! Congrats on being chosen! I can't wait to meet you at this amazing workshop with Justin & Mary!! It's going to be so amazing! See you in Vegas!