A World of Contradiction

I love when my house is clean.
I hate that in never last more than an hour.

I love chocolate.
I hate that it makes me fat.

I love the wealth of information on the internet.
I hate that it sucks all my time away when I get lost reading on the web.

I love that Bonnie calls me Mother
I hate that she is growing up so fast.
(3 is my favorite)

I love snickerdoodles.
I hate that they make me fat.
(I just ate 3)

I love that my kids play instruments.
I hate the contention caused when trying to get them to practice.

I love being a mom.
I hate that I'm not as good at it as I'd like to be!

I love french fries.
I hate that they make me fat

I love summer.
I hate that it is so far away.

I love traveling.
I hate that we never get to anymore.

I love watching chick flicks.
I hate that the lead female is always so freakin skinny I finish the movie feeling really bad about myself.

I love that Brett is composing music.
I hate that he only has 8 measures and he keep playing them OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

I love sewing.
I hate that my desk is so covered in crap I can't sew without spending a hour cleaning first.

I love that I have this record of my family.
I hate that I feel guilty when I don't blog ever single thing that happens.

I love that I have some many wonderful things to be thankful for.
I hate that there are so many contradictions in my life!

I guess it's good to have balance, you know the whole we need to know pain so we can know joy and all that jazz!!

01.07.11 Bloomed


Anonymous said...

Seriously, set that to a country tune and you got a platinum song there.

Melanie said...

I love your blog and photos
I hate it when you are too busy to post!

Keep it coming girl!

Staci Leach said...

I love you!

LaRae said...

I love this post and I hate that I just barely found it! I think we can all relate!

LaRae said...

I love this blog post and hate that I just barely found it! I'm so out of it! I think we can all relate!