Thankful Thursday (On Monday)

Totally forgot about my Thankful Thursday post las week. Somedays I think how can I remember the color of my 8th grade science binder (forrest green btw) but I can't remember the important things. When I was having lunch with a friend the other day she mentioned how I "remember everything" which is really retarded because I do remember the totally non important things in life, but can't seem to recall the time of violin lessons which I take my daughter to EVERY TUESDAY!! You would think that the repetition of the act would engrain the appointed time in my mind but no, that seems to make things worse!!
ANYWAY...back to Thankful Thursday (on Monday).

Today I am thankful for Fast Sunday. For those of you who have no Idea what I am talking about In the LDS Church one Sunday a month we Fast for 2 meals (or 24 hours) as a sacrifice for those in need. A wise woman once told me that if you don't fast with a purpose you're just goin hungry. I had until that point never thought of it like that, while I always fasted out of obedience I had never thought to fast for something unless there was a very evident need like a sick family member or family need. Well I have made it a very important part of my fasting to fast with purpose. I always see blessings personally and generally when I do. I have tried to teach this principle to my children and when we fast for something as a family the kids are much more likely to do it with out complaint. Yesterday one of my children, who shall remain nameless woke up ornery and decided right away the she was not going to fast, we encouraged her to do so but nope, she said "I'm too hungry" and then proceeded to eat everything in the pantry with fervor! It wasn't until I closed my own fast in contemplation of the things I was fasting for that I realized that she needed my help to fast by helping her decided what to fast for. Next month I hope to have very different experience in fasting as we do it as a family. Though I fasted and so did the other 2 that are old enough to fast in the house did, we didn't have the spirit in our home as much as we could have had we set out fasting each with a purpose. I believe that through my fasting I have been blessed with the sight to see what was needed to help my children gain a testimony of fasting.

(wow how many times can I say fasting in one post!!)

And because a post without a picture is boring here is 2 of the 5 TOTAL decent shots I got of Miss Jessa when we tried to take pictures the other day! To say uncooperative would be an understatement!



Gerry Zobrist said...

Kris is does my heart good to know you are teaching your children the principals of the gosple. You will be blessed. Hang in there
Love Dad

Heather said...

I missed this.
You can't tell she's uncooperative. Those are beautiful.
Thanks for the reminder on fasting. I need to be better all around about that one.