Holiday Cards

If you schedule a holiday mini session with us this year you have the option for and additional $25 to have a card designed for you that you can take to the lab of your choosing to have printed, or I can do a complete design, front/back, folded, trifold, & accordion printed at my lab, prices on that will vary. You will have 3 design categories to choose from. Check them out, they are so cute!




I am thinking of adding a more "traditional" theme to choose from, if there is enough interest! These would just be the "theme" you would choose from, your card would be designed specifically for your chosen pictures and wording, these would just be the starting point!!


karibates said...

Oh my heck Kristin! You amaze me - these are gorgeous! Are you selling templates?

Kristin said...

I am not selling them since they are templates I modified that I bought from melissa davis designs. Thank you though! You are to sweet!

Kelly said...

i was just getting ready to ask the same thing...if you sold them! You did great modifying them! Totally love!