Big Plans

I always have big plans. I almost never get those big plans followed through. I want to blog right now, and every day for that matter but life seems to get in the way. I have a current list of things that need to be blogged.

1. August 365 recap
2. Barney Reunion
3. Bonnie Started Preschool
4. Life as the mother of a MiddleSchooler
5. Mini-Sessions for fall (Still deciding on dates for this one)

So here I sit instead of blogging these things I just give you a sad excuse for a blog post with hopefully something to look forward too. And since it is against the law to post without a picture...
09.04.10 DUDE.......
So much for getting those pesky Christmas cards out of the way early this year!

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Anonymous said...

Thank heaven you are not compelled to dress everyone in twinner outfits for your fam. pics.