August project:365 Recap

Due to complete lack of inspiration some of the girls in my 365 group decided to do a themed August. We choose a word for each day of the month and tried to capture that word in pictures. I had a really hard month trying to get a shot each day, partly because I was pulling my hair out for the last 3 weeks of summer break.

1. Hope
2. Collection
3. Hat
4. Imagination
5. Tied
6. Warm
7. Chaos
8. Sun
9. Four
10. Thankful
11. Hands
12. Peace
13. Triangle
14. Laughter
15. Loved
16. Stripes
17. Summer
18. Flower
19. Color
20. Birthday
21. Fast



Anonymous said...

These are AWESOE, Kristin! I'm so glad you played along. You are really talented!

Sommer said...

I love number 14! You can totally tell your mom was having one of those deep down from your guts kind of a laugh!

Lisa said...

so cute!! could you send me the pic of bonnie and megan. i want to be able to have that for the future.

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness, your photo's are beautiful. I haven't met you but your blog makes me smile!

Emily said...

How freakin' cute are our Moms!!! We are so lucky :)