1 on Tuesday because I'm to tired for 10

1. It's 10:43 on Tuesday night. I just hit a wall but I feel like I have had a really productive day, I don't feel like I've had one of those in a while. I made bread, headbands for an upcoming newborn session, reupholstered my barstools, all 3 kids practiced their instruments, and got homework completed, I cooked dinner, finished a baby present, started a new crocheted baby dress, burned disks with wedding images, and got them ready to mail, and updated my project365 on flickr. Run on sentence MUCH??? So as I feel accomplished (though when I read over my list, it's not all that impressive!!) I can lay my head down now and rest easy knowing I had a good day!

My Newly Reupholstered Bar Stools

09.28.10 New Barstool Covers
(until tomorrow and I have to start all over again!)

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