First Day and all that Jazz

So obviously, like the rest of the city, my kids headed back to school today. I couldn't be more delighted. We have excellent teachers again this year at the elementary school and a new principal at the middle school who is going to whip things into shape. Brett headed to 7th grade!! SERIOUSLY, how can I have a kid in 7th gade, man I feel old! Samantha is of to "rule the school" as she put it, in the 5th grade, and Colby rounds out the bunch as the low man on the totem pole in 1st! Bonnie will join her siblings a few days a week at preschool starting next week! When asked the best part of the day here were the responses...

Brett-"lunch". He also went on for quite some time about a hug he got from a girl that was in one of his classes last year but that was NOT the best part of the day he assured me!

Sam-"everything" she loved every minute of it!

Colby-"PE" He wouldn't expound on why but just that it was the best part!

I did manage to snap a few shots of the kids before school, but next year I am copying my photog friends who all faked the "first day" pictures and take them the day before school starts so I don't feel so rushed!

Sam and Colby were cute, but not in the mood for pics! The nerves had set in by this point so I just snapped a few before so I could make them feel not so nervous and embarrassed by the camera toting paparazzi in their faces.


Brett actually went to school for the first time with out being driven by one of his parents. He was cool with it too. He rode his bike with a bunch of buddies from the ward. I love that we have a great group of young men that can stick together. I managed for the first time in years to get him to wear a button shirt to school. When I say years I MEAN YEARS, like 5 to be exact, starting in 2nd grade he flat refused!! He sure looked handsome this morning!!

We went for our annual First Day Of School Dairy Queen Family Home Evening. It was a bit of a somber F.D.O.S.D.Q.F.H.E. Terry had worked outside shoveling all day so he wasn't in a very talkative mood, until we got some sugar in him then he was lots of fun!! At DQ we collectively decided that Bonnie is the cutest little girl that ever lived! We are sad to see her grow up so fast!
Another first day of School passed by in the blink of and eye, but we end the day with a smile because it was a great day all around!

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Pam said...

i never thought to fake the 1st day photos...i'm so doing that!