Things I want to remember about today...

1. Waking up to my 2 middle children serenading me, one playing the violin, one singing.
2. A very sweet hack job into my blog by the greatest man alive!
3. The flowers from Costco I put back yesterday because I was being "practical" that are now brightening up my kitchen.
4. Brett doing the dishes...twice

Things I don't want to remember about today

1. The hair I found growing out of my chin

08.25.10 Birthday


Staci Leach said...

Have I told you? I want my hair to be like yours!

Janae said...

Sounds like a fun bday! minus the chin/hair thing...
Love the birthday picture!

Darci Buhl said...

I've been meaning to get online to wish you happy birthday! Hope you had a great day with lots of calorie free treats:)

Kirsten said...

I hope you had a great birthday. That photo is super adorable! Love ya!