The Big 1-0, a very BLUE birthday!

Last Sunday we celebrated Sam's 10th birthday. I have been a bad blogger and put off blogging it. It's hard to blog about yet another birthday when I have already blogged about 2 already this month. WOW I used the word blog like 5 time already in this post! Have I ever mentioned I have ADD? Anyway back to our regularly scheduled programing, Samantha! A few days before the big day we got a letter form her that read as follows...

"Dear Mom and Dad,
I have decided to change my favorite color to blue. I would like you
to wrap all of my presents in blue and have blue balloons and a blue
cake. I would also appreciate if you could pass on the message that I
want my presents wrapped in blue to Grandie, Grandma,
Aunt Shell and so on and so forth"

So we tried our best to make Samantha's birthday as blue as possible. She had blue presents and a blue cake. I also made the cutest banner in hues of blue and blue balloons and streamers. She got to have the primary sing to her ON her ACTUAL birthday which like NEVER happens!! She got a blue denim cropped jacket thinger from Justice and some other super cute clothes. she also got a Zumbuddie (what ever the heck that is) that was blue and purple! We had a really fun day totally in honor of Samantha. We also took her out to dinner with just Terry and I (a new family tradition that I ♥ btw!)


Janae said...

Happy Birthday to your Samantha! Very cute pictures, and it looks like a very blue birthday:) I can't believe you found a Zumbuddie! I searched high and low for my January b-day girl and could only find one on amazon for like 30 bucks...which I was not willing to spend!

Melanie said...

What a thoughtful girl to let you know ahead of time that her favorite color had changed!

Staci Leach said...

NO MORE ORANGE! But how can she pronounce blue in a different way?