10 on Tur-sday

Did you see what I did there? I made Thurdsay sound like tursday so it would still work with the 10 thing. Aren't I clever? I'm not? Really? Ok your right it was a total stretch I know!!

1. I have been totally sucktastick (totally a word) at blogging this week. I have been completely drained for some reason, I haven't had the energy to clean, do laundry or blog. ButI did finish the second book in this series. It's kinda fun totally teenagery (again it's totally a word) but It's what keeps me in touch with the kids these days (and no that did NOT make me sound old)

2. Sam turned 10 on Sunday, I again have been a crappy blogger but I promise I will get to it in the next couple days. I can't believe I now have 2 kids that are in the double digits. I feel so very old, I know in reality I'm not old, I was only 20 when I had Brett and 22 when I had Sam.

3. Bonnie has pooped in her underwear every day for the last week. She NEVER pees but for some reason we have totally regressed in the pooping department! What you don't want to hear about poop, well then go here and never come back. Just kidding you can come back I will forgive you for wanting to leave me.

4. It's Easter time, meaning you know what is in the stores...
02.25.10 Things I Love Thursday

I think I gained 5 lbs. just taking this picture. OK so the 5lbs didn't come from taking the picture, it came from eating 4 of these bad boys last night, I know I am weak, I am a weak sad excuse for a human being. I don't thing God realized what he was doing when he made it so you gain weight when you get to enjoy a little piece of heaven, I think if you want to visit heaven you should loose weight, don't you?

5. Speaking of lbs, Sam made me laugh on Monday at her violin lesson when she asked Jenny (her teacher) what No. meant in the title of her song that she is playing right now Concerto No.2 in D Major. Jenny said it meant number which confused Sam because there is no "o" in number, she said it's kinda like pound is lb. She says "Yeah that one is really silly I was reading and was like lub, what's that! LUB!!" It doesn't sound funny now but we giggled for a couple minutes about it!

6. Brett passed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday. Our Stake Presidency was there (read more about that in #7) and he was the boy who passed to the stand, the hardest job and they gave it to the newbie. They neglected to tell him that he needed to pass the sacrament to the Stake Pres. first so he felt kinda dumb but that's ok. He did great for his first time out. I am one proud mama!

7. So the Stake Presidency was at my ward because we got a new Bishopric. Exciting times in the Shadow Ridge Ward. They chose some awesome guys and we have great replacements for the wonderful men leaving our leadership. Terry couldn't stop grinning all day. He was a bit nervous due to some comments made to and by some of the members of our ward and Stake Presidency! He was in the clear though. Looks like he'll be hanging with the young me for a bit longer!

8. Brett and Terry are going on Brett's first official Boy Scout campout tomorrow night. It's a snow camp out. I love snow, just not when I have to sleep in it! Have fun boys!!

9. I am going to WPPI for the 6th through the 11th of March. It is a Photography convention that is here in Vegas at the MGM. I won a free pass to the entire convention (a $400 value), classes, trade show, dinners and all! I have on of my photography peeps coming from California and we are going to stay in a hotel together. I'M GOING ON VACATION!! I can't wait it is going to be so fun and hopefully inspiring!

10. I did a new blog header did you notice? Do you like it? C'mon people you know how I love feedback! All you have to do is click on the "something to add" at the bottom and tell me how awesome (or retarded) I am! KTHANKSBYE!


Melanie said...

I noticed the new header right away, I didn't even have to read down to #10 to figure it out. It looks awesome. I really like the way you're making up new words. You remind me of Shakespeare!

Shalae said...

I noticed and loved the new header! Although you should have done a full body shot of the family because then you could have shown off your FABULOUS shoes you were wearing with your dress on Sunday. Loved them!

LaRae said...

Hey Kristin - love the new header - noticed it the moment I visited your blog! I keep wanting to copy this "10 on Tuesday" idea but Tuesday seems to keep coming & going before i get to it. I think you've been a great blogger - NOT a "sucktastick" one!

lesli said...

like the new header look.

Janae said...

I have to admit I saw the new header last time, wanted to comment on it and forgot! A little sucktastick of me! I think the new header is great. I like your 10 on Tur-sday, definitely works. You are not old. I love that you won a freebie to the photo gig and get a mini vacation...have fun:)

Staci Leach said...

I noticed how it took both you and Terry to hold Bonnie in place for the Family Pic! Silly Girlie!

Marianne said...

I LOVE your new header!!

Kim Marx said...

I like the new header. It's the 'something to add' that's intimidating. Nothing I have to say really adds to the conversation.

Morph This said...

love the new header! love that i will see you in less then a week. and love that we are vacationing together! without kids!