10 on Tuesday vol. 3 oops make that Wednseday

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday, I have 5 people in sick in this house and life got in the way! However, I'm pretty proud of myself for making it to week 3 in this adventure of writing more here on the [4]conk kids blog!! I hope you have enjoyed finding out all sorts of useless information pertaining to the life and times of yours truly.

1. Bonnie has discovered "tiny tisses" (kisses) she loves to give tiny tisses, but only to mom and dad. It is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wish she would stay little forever!!

2. For Family home evening on Monday we decided to set weekly goals. We each choose a goal for ourselves and we also worked together to choose a goal as a family. Here is our list...
Dad-Finish grading the backyard with the excavator.
Mom- No Yelling (not doing so good on that one in a house with 5 sick people nerves are running a little short)
Brett- Show more respect to mom and dad
Colby- No whining about homework!
Bonnie- give tons of tiny tisses (we picked that one for her)

Our family goal is to pick up after ourselves.

3. I find it amazing how listening to Taylor swift makes me feel 14 again, in a good way. WHAT? You say? 14 GOOD? I know crazy huh, who would want to be 14 again! 14 sucked! But when I listen to her music that's just how I feel! I ♥ Taylor Swift.

4. Speaking of Taylor, on the way to violin Sam wanted to listen to her on her Ipod but I made he listen to her Suzuki music (mean mom, I know) but I said we could listen to it on the way home. AND LISTEN WE DID! And we sang so loudly that I didn't even notice that I drove right past my big brother and didn't see him!! oopsie! I thoroughly ENJOYED it though!

5. My Wii fit told me that I have gained 25 lbs since my last use...Did I mention it had been 510 days since my last use? So yeah I have gained 25 lbs in the last 510 days. I blame it on my IUD!

6. I took this picture for m self portrait Tuesday and I love how it turned out, except I wish I had smiled a little more! Kinda artsy don't ya think?

7. Did you read my last post about 100th day of school? Colby took in 100 M&M's. I mad ethe mistake of buying one of the huge bags at Costco for it now my whole family is constantly sugared up, including myself. Come to think of it maybe it's not all the IUD's fault!

8. February is our month of craziness when it comes to birthdays, Brett is on the 9th, Terry the 12th and Sam on the 21st. We also have 5 nephews and a niece as well as Valentines Day. Then you add it that my Sister is due to have a baby in a few weeks Ahhhh, I hope I can keep up!

9. i bought Terry's birthday present and it's gonna rock! He will love it but since he reads this blog I can't say what it is. YET!

10. I read a lot of blogs, I mean A LOT! some I know some I don't but I have kinda noticed that some that I do know when I read their blogs it doesn't really sound like THEM, do you know what I mean? I can't picture them saying some of the stuff they wrote, not that that is a bad thing it's just something I noticed. I was wondering for those of you who read this blog and DO know me, do I write like I talk or do you feel like you are learning more about me in a different way??


k8theriver said...

i had my iud removed because i felt that it was making me irritable and fat.
i have noticed a significant difference--i no longer scream like a madwoman at my kids. just yell sometimes.
and i dropped 8 pounds without doing anything different. (except exercising less.)

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