Overheard Conversations!

Brett: MOM Colby keeps throwing things at me!

Mom: Colby come here. You sit on time out for a few minutes.


(5 min later)

Brett: (to Colby very sweetly) Hey bud, listen you can't throw things ok. You just hurt us and even if your mad and you have something in your hand you should just say to yourself "I want to throw this but is isn't a good idea." and then you just put it down. OK

Colby: OK

Brett: Mom can Colby get off time out?

Mom: I guess.

Brett: OK Colby why don't you go watch tv in my room!

This was just an example of my FINE parenting skills. Just kidding Brett has just heard so many of these lectures he has just started regurgitating what I have said so many times.


Staci Leach said...

You are so lucky to have such a great Kid! Brett is a great brother and example to his siblings!

Becky said...

totally sweet! cute pic too!!! :)