Let's Party!

Sam had her birthday party today finally after only 3 weeks of putting it off we actually got it together. We had a Polkadot theme party. We made polka dot frames, bracelets with polkadot ribbon and had a bubble blowing contest. It was a really fun party!
Each of the girls got a picture like this one and put into their frames.
OOOOOHH! Cupcakes!
The party favors were the buckets with vinyl lettering with each girls name on them.


Melanie said...

What fun! I'm going to have to show this to my party-planning daughter. She'll love it. Maybe I could ask for a polka-dot party for my birthday .

LaRae said...

Love the polka-dot photo background. Totally fun idea for a girlie party! Maybe we'll use it one of these days.

madcutie said...

Savannah really would have loved that party, but she loved her goodie bag! I like the polkadot theme! How cute!!!

Becky said...

so fun!!! What a great idea!!!