Yeah CS3!!!!

It's finally here. I have been eagerly waiting by my front door for a week now but it finally came. We took the kids up to Redrock for a quick photo shoot on Saturday and I have been waiting patiently for my new photoshop cs3 to come so that I can edit them!! Here is some of my edits. Any constructructive critisizm that you photogs that read my blog it is definately welcome. I just recently calibrated my monitor and am getting used to it!!


k8theriver said...

i like the top one and the color one of sam the best. (the brightest ones.) but i don't know about photography. i wish i did.

Terry said...

Good job babe!! Looking good!!

Becky said...

That's awesome Kristin!!! CS3 is the best. For the black and whites I would play with levels and curves (to bring more contrast into the pics) instead of them being gray it will help make them have deeper blacks and lighter whites :)

I love the two of Sam towards the bottom!!! :)

LaRae said...

Kristin - these pictures are so great! You are a great photographer! I really want to learn more about picture taking! I love the photo of Colby looking down with the little smile on his face - he is so cute! Did you see the picture I put on my blog of him after the family reunion? I should email it to you - it truly was one of my favorite pictures from that weekend! I also love the up close picture of Sam in her hat. I need to come have a little Photoshop lesson from you. I loaded Elements on my computer & it is so NOT intuitive & I can't seem to self-teach a whole lot. Is CS3 similar at all - do you know?

You commented about Blurb on my blog - isn't it great? I have already slurped my 2007 posts, but haven't edited the pages at all, yet. I have a good friend who discovered Blurb probably a year ago when she created a book for her husband's birthday of all his photos from when they went to Africa to visit her parents who were on a mission there. It looks like a book straight out of Barnes & Noble. Then, she recently got back her 2007 blog book that she created through Blurb & it is simply gorgeous! You should put up some pictures of your book when you get it finished!

Happy picture taking & blogging - I love the 12 on the 12th idea BTW - I might just steal it!

erin said...

Hi Kristin! Are these the pics you wanted me to take a look at?

I'm going to pretend that they are...

For the color pics, I think the shot of just your daughter is hands-down the best. Followed by the first shot of your little guy. I think you might want to try adjusting the opacity of the levels layer and the brightness/contrast layer for the colors pics though. It seems to have washed out their faces and blown the whites on their shirts...not sure what your sooc image looked like but my guess is that it might have started slightly overexposed???

For the b/ws I would also dial back the levels layer or erase back in the faces so you're not losing detail there.

You're really doing great and your composition is really pleasing! :)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful-Im not sure on the camera tips, but you definately have an eye for shots! The one of Samantha in the hat is my favorite. Keep at it-Im getting ready to send my kids over for their "shoot". Michelle <3

madcutie said...

Was the sun too bright or something?!? Just kidding, those pics are so cute!