I was hoping I Wouldn't but.. I'VE BEEN TAGGED!!

Thanks alot Staci.

I hate writing, with a passion and my purpose of this blog was so people could just pull it up and SEE what was going on in our lives, not necessarily READ all about us but here goes anyway!!

10 Years ago today....

Literally 10 years ago on February 8th, 1998 I was in the hospital awating the arrival af our Baby boy Brett. He was born February 9th at 12:45 p.m. I can't belive he's already 10 WOW, I havn't really thought about the significance of this birthday until now.

5 Things on my To-Do List today....

1. Pick Up Bretts RX (Strep Throat, and on his B-day. We had to cancel he party too!!)
2. Invites for Primary teacher inservice meeting.
3. Read most recent photo article form online photo class.
4. Work on Bonnie's hat that I am knitting (attempting)
5. Write this stupid tagged blog!! Sorry Stace!!

I Enjoy...

Photography, (my most recent obsession) That is all I'm going to say for right now as far as what I enjoy because if I write all I enjoy I will be here all day!!
Plus the things I enjoy most right now I can't even have (chocolate, dairy, garlic and mexican food)

What would I Do if I were suddenly made a billionaire....

Buy a cannon 5D and a whole bunch of lenses and a new professional printer o-and hire somebody to teach me how to use them. I guess Iwould buy some property and start to build my dream home!! Which I have recently decided to have a rock climbing wall in!!
An Let Terry buy what ever he wanted too!

3 Bad habbits.... (good only 3 or i would be here all day)

1. I yell too much!
2. I have a hard time finishing things i start
3. I buy things to do projects and never even start them

5 places I have lived

1. 3664 Susana st. Las Vegas 89121 0-11yrs
2. 7810 Dana point las Vegas 89117 12-18 yrs
3. Provo UT 10 months
4. The Breakers Appt. 89117 6 months
5. 9612 Windborne Ave 89147 20 yrs - current
How sad i have lived 2/3 of my life in a 3 mile radius

5 jobs I have had... (well 4)

1. File clerk- Valley Foods 14 - 17 years
2. Computer Input - Silver State Dispsal 17-18
3. Nanny 19-20
4. MOM 20 - current

5 things people don't know about me...

1. I'm a good cook (according to my husband anyway)
2. I knit
3. I'm obsessed with disinfecting wipes
4. I love to sing (tone def and all, my kids can attest to this)
5. I'm married to my best friend! (cheesy i know but it's true!!)

Well there it is, ME in the raw!!
I don't have anybody to tag, that hasn't already been tagged so I guess it stops with me. I hope this isn't like a chain letter that will bring me bad luck!!

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