A Decade Already!?!

I can't believe that I've been the mom of this amazing kid for 10 years. It seems like only yesterday we were driving around, Brett in his car seat, telling me which pieces of heavy equipment were excavators and which were graders or scrapers. (he was 2 by the way)
The really scary thought is that in 18 short months he will be going to middle school. Grammy says that if you press with your thumb on their forheard it will keep them from growing up, Brett just says it hurts!! (It must work a little bit though because the size 6 underwear i just bought is a bit loose on him! Don't tell him I said that.)

Well Brett might not be getting much BIGger, but he certianly is getting older. His interests have matured from trains and blocks to science and arcitecture (legos) He changed from wanting to be a train engineer to an arcitectual engineer.

We were supposed to have a small party for Brett on Saturday for his birthday, but because of his recent bout of strep throat we had to settle for lunch at Olive Garden (Brett's Pick)

Brett had a great day and thanks to all who brought gifts by, he's been building, transforming, & gaming nonstop for 2 days now!!

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