The Secret!

If any of you out there watch Oprah you probably already know "The Secret" well I just found out what it really is. Mom bought the video for all of us kids about 5-6 months ago, well I finally got around to watching it and am getting it figured out. It in layman's terms is basically the law of attraction. It works, I was listening to my ipod (about 430 songs) on shuffle and I kept thinking about this song I wanted to hear and sure enough it was the next song that came on, skeptical I tried it again, and it worked out of 430 or so songs it played 2 in a row that I had on my mind. So I tried it for a 3rd time and it worked. It has worked every time since that day that I have tried to do it. Anyway, on the DVD is talks about sending out into the universe your desires and if you use positive energy it will come to you (ahem, God, Blessings you know) Well I have many desires and am trying to achieve these by putting it out into the universe. As well as being a better mom, having more patience, being a better wife all those non-materialistic things, but I also want to put this out there....

Canon 5D Digital Camera

24-70 mm 2.8 Canon lens

85 mm 1.4 Canon lens

100mm 2.8 Canon lens

I am really getting into taking better pictures and feel these few little items would helm me along with that goal. according to "the secret" I just need to keep focus on these things and the universe will find away to get them to me. So Universe I hope your listening because I really want these. (By the way, in case I have a fairy godmother out there, these can be purchased at http://www.bhphoto.com/)


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I am with ya on that 5D!!! I did get the 24-70mm 2.8L lens and LOVE it!!!