Shoulder Devil

I have the most imaginative child on the planet. On the way to Grandie's yesterday Samantha began to tell me about shoulder devils and shoulder angels. We were talking about how satan traps you by saying a little bit won't hurt (deep conversation for a tuesday afternoon) Here is how our conversation went;

Mom: Satan tells us a little bit won't hurt, that is how he gets us to do bad things.

Sam: Like shoulder devils?

Mom: HUH?!?

Sam: You know, like shoulder devils and shoulder angels, I have them don't you?

Mom: (again) HUH?!?

Sam: Like when your friends need help and there all "Help me, help me" and the shoulder devil says "Don't help them, laugh at them" and the shoulder angel says "Help your friends" That is what my shoulder devil and angel say. they are real, in my imagination anyway!!

This is a typical conversation with my sweet little girl. She definately keeps thing interesting!

This is an old picture but one of my favorites!!


Becky said...

I just died laughing at that! Oh sweet Sam :) I can't wait till the girls start relly talking nd say funny things :)

LaRae said...

Hey there - you've been found! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. This is a great story! Did Sam tell you who she listens to the most - that little shoulder devil or the little shoulder angel? Adorable picture too!

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