Pigs & Crabs

Yesterday was Samantha's 8th birthday. Wow yet again I find myself feeling old. I can't believe my little girl is 8 years old already. Her baptism is on March 1st (for those of you who didn't know. Call me for details if you would like to come!) Sam had a great day starting off with pancakes, she requested mickey mouse pancakes but when it started looking more like a pig, I made it become a pig on purpose. Colby's looked more like mickey mouse.

After breakfast she got to open her presents, not too many because she already got her gift from grandie and she got a new violin from us (not a very fun present but very expensive non the less) So she open her gifts from Grandma and Grandma Barney. Clothes and a watch!

Sam did have to go to school but it was all ok because she got to give out cupcakes to her classmates and that was fun, unfortunately my camera got left in the car. She then had dance and had fun when they sang to her. We then finished off the day at Joe's Crab Shack. Sam picked there because she remembered that they do funny stuff to the people who have birthdays. We'll silly for sure, they dressed her up as "Princess Crabby" and they made her fly around the restaraunt while we sang. It was a fun eventful day!

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Kerry Hogle said...

It's crazy how big they get so fast Emma gets baptized in June! So i am totally in love with Tara Whitney's blog also. She is amazing. i want to take and photo shop my kids in to her shots so i can hang them on my wall! I have to ask you where did you get the little tea cup?