We spent an eventful evening in the ER on February 21st. While preparing Samantha's birthday dinner I heard a blood curdling scream which is not uncommon around this family especially with 2 very overly dramatic girls in the home! It was Bonnie. Sam was stacking brick pavers to see if she could make a tower as tall as Bonnie. Not such a good idea because when the tower got less than half as tall as Bon the thing started to sway and came crashing down on her hand. The skin wasn't broken but her hand had swollen to 3 times the normal thickness, eventually breaking the skin from it being so stretched. They called it a swelling blister and it was nasty! We couldn't tell if anything had been broken because of the swelling so we iced it and tried to get the swelling down and gave her some pain medicine. After about 2 hours it was apparent that her thumb was probably broken because she would not move it like she would move her other fingers. We took her into the ER in Mesquite to have some x-rays done, sure enough the thumb is broken. She was a pretty good little trooper and was just happy to have unlimited iPad time!

They splinted the thumb and referred us to an orthopedic surgeon in Mesquite. The next day I called and couldn't get an appointment for 3 weeks so with a lot of work and phone calls I found an ortho that would see us in Las Vegas the next day. There was a bit of a concern with what looked like a hole in the bone that showed up in the x-rays.
The orthopedic surgeon sent us for blood work thinking it could be an infection and an mri to see if they could determine what the "hole" could be. Well hours and hours of driving and sitting in doctors offices and having blood drawn and sitting thorough an mri that bonnie woke up before they finished and the conclusion that the radiologist had was...a bunch of question marks. The ortho looked over the scans from the mri and had had nothing but question marks too so they referred us to another ortho that handles all the "weird" cases. NICE, now we are are a weird case. So another drive into vegas and hour sitting in the waiting room all to have the new ortho tell us that he's not sure and he went to get a colleague that deals especially with the hand. The end result being that they "think" it might just be a benign cartilage growth...not a hole a growth. They said it is not something we should be too worried about but if it is something bad it will manifest itself quickly and we will need to have regular x-rays done for the next while and we will probably need to monitor it until she is an adult!! Fun stuffs!! So with a bright shiny highlighter pink cast they sent us on our way and will x-ray it when we come in to take the cast off at the end of the month and pray that the growth hasn't grown!! So the moral of the story is NEVER STACK BRICK PAVERS IN THE DESERT LOT NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE!
The end!

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