52|2012 Week 9 - Spirit

I'm a little late in the game on this due to the fact that I was preparing for a 20 mile pioneer trek and subsequent recovery!!

I had a number of different ideas of how to portray spirit in a photo, But I settled on the spirit of this valley. I never thought it would happen, I fought it and fought it but I have fallen in love with this dusty windy sometimes backwards small town. There is a special spirit here. I think it is because there is so much pride and love for this valley. Those who live here want to be here and love it here. (You would have to because there is not much of a draw other than community here...not even a stop light in this sleepy little town!) It has taken some getting used to no Target or good restaurants and a whole new way a living day to day. I have learned to plan ahead like I never have before! But I have to say that the spirit of this place has gotten under my skin and I just might be here until I die!

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Heather said...

Beautiful...I think it's awesome you're lovin that place:)

Anonymous said...

It makes me happy to hear you are loving where you live. :) I grew up with this needle point that hung over our toilet that said "Bloom Wherever You are Planted." That saying is burned into my mind from a childhood of reading it everytime I went to pee. ;)

Heidi said...

Love this - small communities definitely have a wonderful spirit about them. That's how it is in the small farming town my parents live in.

ZeldaMom said...


Heather M. said...

this post makes me so happy. i grew up in a very small town and can relate to your comments about it. i'm glad it's growing on you. love this photo.

Andrea said...

Small towns seem to have a certain spirit that bigger towns and cities seem to lack. Beautiful photo.