Will you be my Valentine??

I would hope you would say yes if these were the Valentines you recieved on the big day!!

I KNOW no one could resist this little lovey!!


Colby's valentine cards were attached to some really cute Cake Pops (courtsey of Bakerella) that I didn't get a picture of thanks to my brain after staying up intil 2am making said cake pops! They Were really cute though, you can ask Staci, Kyla is in Colby's class an therefore got cake pops!


k8theriver said...

colby is going to have lots of girls after him.

LaRae said...

What a great idea for Colby's valentines! I think I just might copy it for next year. So - so - so cute!

Lisa said...

these are so cute. you'll have to hep me out for next year.

Janae said...

Love all of the photos and the Valentine photo:) Too cute!

Carol Woolworth said...

wow! again wow! You never cease to amaze me. Such great ideas. (is that how you spell cease?)