52|2012 Week 8 - Romance

We will celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss this summer. I am lucky to have a husband who is romantic in the sense that he plans little getaways for us and brings me a flower just because but to me romance is so much more than that. It's the little things. I try to show my romantic side as well but the little things seem to always mean more!

Plugging in my cell phone because he knows it's about to go dead.
Driving so he can play with whatever new gadget he got.
Washing a sink full of dirty dishes because he knows how much I loath doing them.
Dipping strawberries in chocolate because he saw some and thought they looked good.
Helping kids with homework because I loathe that even more than the dishes.
Bringing me a hot chocolate...just because.
Letting him spend all night playing his guitar in the back room, even though I would like to spend some time with him!

See it's about anticipating the needs or wants of the other person and meeting them. That is romance to me!

**With a very sick husband this week I didn't have an opportunity to take the photo I planned so I took a page out of Michelle's book and grabbed one from the archives.
07.13.10 Getting Handy

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Heather M. said...

i absolutely adore this photo. so glad you have each other. it's really the little things, isn't it?!

Michelle said...

I think going to the archives for the Romance shot only deepens my love and appreciation for this man I've spent so much of my life with.

I love this shot and I love your words. I feel like we are in the Golden years of marriage. The simplicity that comes with being married for many years is beautiful. :)

ZeldaMom said...

Oh I love the butt squeeze.
The little things are the best!

sara said...

AHHH this shot rocks!
seriously made me smile :)

and i agree the longer we're married the more romance there is!
the simple kind.
the lasting kind.

Naomi said...

Love the little things! Obviously since my picture this week is super awesome. (insert sarcasm ha!). This photo is super cute!!

Jenn said...

I see you literally "grabbed" one from the archives :)

Love the little things he does for you that all together amount to one great romance.

Tracey said...

Ok, my hubby would so love if it we took a pic like this. Ha! Fun shot! :)

Stacey said...

This totally made me smile! :)

Andrea said...

He he, you "grabbed" one from the past. Love it! What a great, fun shot! It's the little things. Happy weekend!

Carla said...

Too cute. Aren't the little things the best. Just the fact that you know they are paying attention. :)

Heidi said...

Ha - this is a great shot!

I'm having to use an archive photo myself this week. And I love what you said about romance - it definitely is in the every day things.

Amanda Kelley said...

This is great...no wait perfect. Reminds me a lot of my own love. And the little squeeze now and then reminds me of young love!

Amy said...

HA! I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down to your picture. You are so awesome Kristin -- I love this!

(Also I love seeing that picture on your header!)

liza said...

I'm with Amy...You had me laughing out loud. I want to add something witty and memorable but I'm laughing too much. Thanks for the smiles!!