Thankful Thursday

1. Hulu Plus, it's my new best friend. We have signed up and cancelled twice but I think it's back for good.

2. Yummy recipes that are super easy and cook fast. Thank you McCormick seasonings.

3. The girls basketball team won tonight making it not a total loss since the boys lost!!

4. Warm slippers.

5. Teachers who are willing to stay after to help my kids who are struggling with algebra!

6. 2 very nice non solicited compliments I received about my new bangs, NOT from my husband!!

7. The thing I am most thankful for on this Thursday evening is my bed....g'night!!

09.20.10 Clean
**this is my pre trailer bed. I miss it but I'm thankful we are where we are!!**


Heidi said...

Bangs? Need pictures :)

Anonymous said...

yep, need to see a pic of the new bangs!!