I Know the Scriptures Are True.

So awhile back I may have mentioned the special "relationship" I have with a fellow photographer turned friend Lisa, and how we have online chats every couple weeks to discuss life and challenge each other in all aspects of life. We dubbed ourselves life coaches!! It has been a great experience and Lisa has helped me in ways she will never know!! Initially we discussed photography most but lately our chats have consisted of just life with a little business thrown in there. ANYWAY, on one of our recent chats we had talked about getting a little regimen of scripture reading that we could discuss and hold each other accountable. I knew that I really wanted to throw myself into it and really study the Book of Mormon, so i searched out different study guides and decided on the institute manual study guide. I bought 2 and sent one to Lisa. Since that time I have found a new love for the words written on those precious pages. I have read the scriptures before but never so fully put myself into them. I just read the stories not really looking at the deeper meaning and never seeing how they really applied to me, but guess what...when they say that these books were written for US they weren't kidding...THEY REALLY ARE!! I'm taking my time and after almost a month and a half I am only 15 chapters into 1 Nephi. But man oh man how much have I learned. I actually look forward to the time when my kiddos head off to school and I can occupy Bonnie so I can sit down and read, no 15 mins of reading for me, I get lost and end up looking at the clock and find I have lost an hour or 2!! If you are interested in joining in with the challenge you can find the manual here in pdf and here is where you can buy, I'd love to discuss with you how the things you read can really impact your life!!



k8theriver said...

good girl.

Heather said...

Go you and Lisa :)
I LOVE this shot.
I've been quickly reading through, but most recently fell of the wagon. Thanks for the inspiration to pick back up, but this time dig deeper.

Heidi said...

I was thinking that I would love to read the BOM over the summer - this just might be the push I need :)