The Sound of Music

From a very early time in my age of motherhood I knew I wanted to fill my home with music. I took piano lessons on and off throughout my childhood but it never took for me, I didn't have the drive or commitment and my mother didn't have the fight in her to make me stick with it, knowing me I don't blame her, nonetheless as I got older I can remember seeing my friends who did have the drive and commitment and I looked upon them with total admiration at their ability to create such beautiful music. Fast forward a few years, I found myself a man who had an amazing talent for music, lucky me, I snatched him up as soon as I could and began to make babies that would be born with his talent and my desire to have musical children. Visions of family gatherings while we sit around singing and playing together may have crossed my mind but it all meant nothing if they didn't have the desire and commitment. Brett was 5 years old when he began asking for lessons. I held off for a year and I believe that year was crucial, he continued asking for lessons and that made me sure that he would be dedicated. He had never given me grief about practicing (well he gives me grief about how he practices but never wether or not he will practice) and here we are almost 7 and a half years later and he plays beautifully. I do have video of this performance however it's stuck on my phone and who know when I will dig out the cord to hook up my phone to the computer. Samantha began playing violin 6 months after Brett started and she also plays beautifully, the best music they make though is when they play together, it makes my heart leap! When Colby became old enough to pick up lessons I gave him the option of what he wanted to play, he looking up to his big brother decided he would follow in his footsteps and play the piano. He has progressed so quickly, something I attribute to having it around his whole life. I am so proud of my kidlets and look forward to when Bonnie chooses her instrument!


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Heidi said...

Fun to see pictures of your kids playing. Whoo, hoo Brett -- look at that hand position :). Miss you guys! (And I'll wait for the performance off your phone)