5th Grade Promotion

Not quite sure why we can't call it a "graduation" they really are graduating from elementary to middle school but I guess maybe so when they complete highschool it's more special...whatevs. Anyway Sam has now been "promoted" to 6th grade. Not quite sure how I feel about my little girl growing up but the more time passes the more I come to realize that I have no control over the matter. The only control I do have is to try and prepare them for the things that are to come. Middle school is such a scary endeavor for both parents and kids and having gone through the transition once before, I am really not looking forward to doing it again, with a girl none the less. Middle school can be a vicious, horrid place where kids are mean and disrespectful, gross and perverted. Hey it wasn't that many years ago that I was in middle school and it was bad then, I can only imagine how bad it is now! Heaven help me and my little girl as we set out on the next stage of life.

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Melanie said...

Congratulations Sam! She is such a beautiful girl.