Last Day of School Ice Cream

It has been a tradition for a while now to do ice cream sundae's on the last day of school for a while now but since I have completely not adjusted to the whole thinking ahead necessity because there is no Target down the street I was lame and didn't buy supplies for our tradition so we packed up and went down the street to the Inside Scoop for lunch and ice cream. (whew, I think that was the longest run on sentence in the history of time!) Here's how it went....

Smile guys, it's the last day of school...

No really it's ok to be excited...Photobucket
Well Colby is excited, how about the rest of you...

Really Brett, you are totally done with 7th grade you can't even give me a little smile?
Colby is still super excited! (I think that is what that is)
OK Mom, NO MORE, I'm not going to smile...
Seriously get the dang camera out of my face.

Well he changed his tune pretty quickly when Shannon and the cousins showed up. We sat in the back room and ate our yummy food and chatted about the fun we were going to have this summer...not really the moms talked about all the work we were going to make our kids do this summer MUAHAHAHA! (insert evil laugh here) Maybe that is why Brett won't smile, he knows of the things to come!! MUHAHAHAHA!

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Heidi said...

I love how Brett's facial expression doesn't change throughout the series of photos - that is until the very end.....Talk to the hand!!!