Ten on Tuesday

1. I know it's been F.O.R.E.V.E.R. since I have done a TonT, this oughtta be fun!!

2. Life in Logandale is good, but I'm getting really fat.

3. I kinda like living in a trailer KINDA, my only complaints are as follows...

-No where for dirty laundry to go.
-I have to put all my kids to bed at the same time, then they stay up talking making me want to flip out and scream and yell.
-The microwave SUCKS in here, it overheats everything on one side and leaves little cool spots.

4. I am really trying to be more grateful and believe by doing so I will be blessed so since #3 was all about the things I can't stand about the trailer here are 3 things I like about it.

-It's cozy, I really enjoy quiet afternoons reading on my little tiny couch while Bonnie naps.
-It's really easy to clean, deep clean takes less than 2 hours DEEP CLEAN!!
-I am forced to stay on top of my laundry...(see first bullet point on #3)

5. Spring break was quite possibly the most boring spring break in the history of spring break. Brett was on restriction for bad grades, Sam spent the first 3 days doing her 12 missing assignments. Colby did manage some excitement when he decided to ride his bike with no shoes and ripped half of the skin off his toe. We even went into town to go to Flipin' Out only to have the kids want to leave because they were so bored! Oh well, there's always next year right?!?

6. We got new swimsuits (and by we I mean the kids, you will not be seeing my fat butt in a suit any time soon!)


7. Colby and Samantha ate an entire extra large box of goldfish, in one sitting, EEW!

8. A while back my cousin Melanie talked about what they have used for scripture study and we have on and off but are newly committed to reading as a family. We are using the same study guide by School of Abraham, you can see the Book of Mormon one we are doing HERE.

9. I managed to get through he whole day of Easter Sunday without taking one picture...NOT ONE! But i did manage to snap a few of Bonnie at a little egg hunt some of the girls from church had at the park a week or so before the actual holiday.


10. And if you were wondering that cute little bunny easter basket was an amazing creation by the one and only Miss Heather, I really think she should move to Logandale so Bonnie can have her as a preschool teacher next year (and the year after that too.)


Melanie said...

I'm glad the scripture study plan is helpful. It worked great with my kids.

I have to share what my daughter has been telling me lately. "Don't call yourself fat! You wouldn't talk about someone else that way and God doesn't want you being mean to yourself." I am working on trying to love the body God gave me. I am also working on eating healthy and exercising, but without beating myself up about my weight.

Heidi said...

1. Such cute suits - where did you get them?

2. We are going to try the scripture study thing - thanks for sharing!

3. When are we going to lunch again???