Ladies Man

I'm just going to pretend like I never stopped blogging....it that ok? GREAT!! Here we go!

Hey Brett, how do you like it out there in Logandale??

We officially moved on the 19th. The kids started school on the 22. Brett was terrified and adamant that we homeschool him for the rest of the year. I held strong and registered him at the middle school with 7 all new classes and him knowing not one soul at the school. I cried for him as I dropped him of that morning hoping and praying that he would be ok and not hate his new school or have a hard time making friends. At 11:45 the following conversation via text occurred:

Brett: "Mom, I have a lot of friends"
Mom: "See I told you, I knew you would like it here"
Brett : "Yeah I have like 7 girls numbers"
Mom: "WHAT???"
Brett: " I'm not kidding"
Mom: " Well tell them to back off your too young"

The following 2 weeks he texted more on his phone with girls than he has texted in the previous 2 years of having the cell phone. He has been dubbed "Ladies Man" by the girls here, despite the fact that he won't let me near him with a comb, let alone a pair of scissors!!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO happy (and relieved) for you both! I can't imagine what a terrifying change that was. I'm so glad it's working out. And tell those crazy girls to BACK OFF. Holy Cow! ;)

Heidi said...

Kristin, just read about all of your adventures. You've had quite the year so far! You are such an amazingly strong person -- wish I could have been around to help! If you ever need a place to come stay in Salt Lake County -- we'd love to have you guys (or at least see you).