Being behind...

Some days it seems as though I will never catch up. Scratch that...every day it seems as though I will never catch up. Every time I cross something off my new handy dandy "To Do" app on my phone, I add 2 more....
Two steps forward..3 three steps back, we come together cuz opposites attract.
Sorry, I totally just went Paula Abdul on you. Please forgive me. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. OK now what was I saying, o yeah, I'm behind, AGAIN. Why does it have to be this way? So I had such grand intentions for this month, a blog post every day and that would motivate me to keep with my photo a day lul that I am in. Not to mention that I think my camera is tired of being used and abused. I have come up with a thankful post every day but not having the motivation to snap a shot to go with it has gone out the window with all my grand intentions. I am going to still share my thankful's for this week, just all in this post and with few pics...so here we gooooooo.

11.16.10 Tuesday
Today I am thankful for Netfilx. While sitting at my computer for 8 hours editing I was able to have constant streaming of videos to keep me going.

11.17.10 Wednesday

Today I am thankful for Technology. It has kept me some what sane in these past few weeks.

11.18.10 Thursday

Today I am thankful for the fact that my photography business has been doing well. I was able to go to costco and buy groceries with out stressing about how to pay for them!!

11.19.10 Friday
Today I thankful for my knowledge if hair cutting. Bonnie chopped the sides of her hair. This is the 3rd hair cut she has given herself. This one is by far the shortest. I was able to work with it and it did turn out cute. She is pretty bummed that there will be no more ponies and princess hair. Now to grow it out, uggg!



Gerry Zobrist said...

Kris if it was easy what good would it be. Just continue one day at a time love the Lord and Me Terry and the kids and the rest will fall into space. Mom an I love you very much and are proud of you and your beautiful family.
Love from your

Melanie said...

I love Bonnie's haircut!!

Jenny said...

I love how her hair turned out! Very cute!

Heidi said...

What a cutie! It's fun to catch up with you through your blog!

Lisa Heuer Photography said...

yes, its darling! Thank goodness you know how to make a mishap into something adorable!