11.15 & 16.10

Today I am thankful for it being cold enough to wear my sassy boots to church. I always freeze in church but it's too hot outside to wear them. Well there is one positive thing about colder temps and that's that I get to wear my sassy boots!! I should have taken a picture because I was seriously sassy in my boots today!

Today I am thankful for amazing music teachers, They are such a blessing in my life and are instilling such a great love and appreciation for music that I could never do. Than you Miss Jenny and David!!


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Melanie said...

Kristin, I LOVE this picture! It is so cute how they are both getting comfy without shoes too.

Thanks so much for sending the CD of pictures! My dad really wants me to put the pics together with our talks. I think I will make a book for him. He was so happy with the pictures you took. It really means so much to our family. Love you!!