We took the kids to Nelson, Nevada this Saturday to hopefully accomplish my pbhotograqphy assingment for this week. Well I think I got maybe one out of 9 pictures needed to turn in this Thursday. Part of the problem was Brett decided to have a little incedent with a cactus minutes before this picture was taken. Not a happy camper. He freaked when he felt it hit his leg and starting smacking it with his hands thinking it was a bug that stung him. Needles in both hand and both legs. It was pretty bad, he didn't cheer up until we got candy bars for the ride home!!




Sam was really my only willing participant, the rest of my crew wanted to run around and get dirty!

This was the coolest truck, I definately want to go back and get some better pictures with somebody elses kids!





Marianne said...

I love all the pictures! Bonnie is so cute!

k8theriver said...

i love the straight on shot of the truck.

Lisa said...

NELSON!! i have never even heard of it. i volunteer to have my kids' picture taken with the truck!

LaRae said...

Kristin - the pictures are fabulous! Love them all! Did the truck belong to someone or just abandoned somewhere? Where in the world (or I should say Nevada) is Nelson?

Janae said...

wow! Great photos Kristin! I LOVE the truck photos too:)
The remodel looks awesome!

Katie Morgan said...

Where is Nelson, NV??

Staci Leach said...

I love the painful look on Brett's face! I'm sure he hammed that up a bit! Love my kiddos!

Carol Woolworth said...

wow! those are great pics of your kids, you should be a photographer...hehe

*austyn* said...

i love the close up of sam on the truck! and the one with sam and bonnie lol----you can use me as your model! jk lol

Kirsten said...

Hey! I know I'm late on this comment, but I love the pictures! They are beautiful. You are getting really good! :)

butter&eggs said...

Where did you get this COOL idea??!! Haha they turned out GREAT!! Didn't you love it out there?!