A Day at the Zoo

Colby's Preschool class had a field trip to the Zoo, Did you know we have a zoo? Well we do, It is a pretty sad little zoo but hey, they're preschoolers and what do they care right? They spent 5 minutes following a roley poley around before we had to move on!! That's right, we even have roley poley's at our zoo! The zoo keeper did come out and talk to us and let us watch her feed the otters. She then brought out one of the baby wallabies. He was so cute and all the kids got to pet him in his little homemade pouch! All in all (aside for the gale force winds) it was a GREAT day at the zoo!
Colby's favorite part was the peacocks, They just wander around the whole zoo, They are certianly beautiful birds.


Staci Leach said...

Kyla kept saying last night that her favorite part was the ka-walabe! We laughed so hard and said was that a koala bear or a walabe. She corrected and said a ka-walabe. When we said we should call Aunt Kristin she said WELL, I don't remember. Glad we cleared that up!

JENNIE! said...

all of your pictures are looking amazing!! you are super talented!

Kirsten said...

Your pictures look great! I love the one with the ostrich head popping up behind the fence! Colby looks pretty cute, too :)!

Janae said...

I love the new blog look...the picture at your header is amazing!
Fun pictures of the zoo too:)