Kirsten tagged me with the question What do you love about the 4th of July? What's not to love, Swimming, Bar-B-Que, all topped off with FIREWORKS. I love Fireworks. That is probably my favorite part. As A kid I remember going over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Phillip's house (at the time they weren't my real aunt and uncle but they are now by marriage!!) Terry Kay (in our pre-in love days he was Terry Kay to me, Now he's just Terry!) and his cousin Chris would save their money and go buy illegal fireworks and put on a show for us all!! I thought they were so cool, but I was just a little kid then so what did I know!! Tee Hee! Sparklers are probably the best fireworks in my book because you actually get to hold them in your hand.
The 4th for us has changed a bit in the past few years since My in-laws moved to Logandale. Now the day is spent out there with the family and the rest of the town early in the day they have activities for the kids and a HUGE fireworks show at the fairgrounds. It is a really fun day.
In the past 4 years we have had 12 month school and so my kids have had school around the 4th and so somebody told the teachers at Hayes elementary the I was the Cub Committee Chair (at the time) and thought I could coordinate a flag ceremony for the whole school. It was a neat experience the first year but then the subsequent 3 years it lost its charm. But the kids enjoy getting out of class to stand in 105-110 degree weather and waving flags. This is the first time we haven't participated in it because this year we have gone to 9 month school!! YEAH!
And Since I can't do a post without pictures here is some of the fun flag ceremony at the school last year!!

O and I'm tagging Staci, LaRae and Melanie!!


Kirsten said...

I bet the Fireworks in Logandale are awesome! What a fun memory for the kids. I remember back in the day when it was "Terry Kay" this and "Terry Kay" that. Ha Ha!

By the way, Brett looks like he's enjoying the 115 degree flag ceremony :)

Melanie said...

I have been crazy busy, but Marianne has been telling me I'd better get blogging because you tagged me! I'll respond soon!