Hey there's a frog on your nose!!!

When Colby came in the house with this tiny frog I had an idea to put it on his nose. I wasn't sure if the picture would turn out, but it difinately did as you cans see, and when all the kids saw the picture they showed up with frogs on thier noses too!!
Austyn and Megan thought this would be funny, Bonnie was like "Um what is this thing on my face!!"


~madison~ said...

HAHAHAHA, that is really funny!

Staci Leach said...

That is Heliarious!

Kirsten said...

That is soooo cute! I can't believe Bonnie let you put that on her nose! Dylan would've freaked.

slimnsom said...

What a small world. Don't ask me how I came across your blog, but here I am looking at your cute family! Hope all is well!

Sommer (Buhecker) Christoffersen

LVCecils said...

You are such a fun mom! I would have never thought to do that. Too cute!

Ok, the patterns are "thimble blossoms". Do a search and you can find her blog and etsy shop, or I found some at mormonhandicraft too. She has a link to where you can but her patterns. Up at the top in a blue box you can click where it says find your local store here. Here it is.....
I am about finished with the Wallflower pattern but either I can't read a simple pattern or there were a few pattern mistakes. Either way I think I got it figured out and fixed. I hope you can find them close.
PS-I am stalking you now. ha. I love your pictures.

slimnsom said...

Hey, we just live in Summerlin, about 5 minutes away from the old neighborhood. Wyatt turned 2 in March. Doing the stay at home mom thing has been just as busy as working, probably more, but we have more fun. Here's my email: slimnsom@aol.com.


*austyn* said...

Those are some cute pics. I think its pretty interesting... jk