End of Day 1

Well here I am at the close of day one of our Oregon adventure. After a really uneventful flight we arrived at the ranch at about 12:00, just in time for lunch. Not an easy task when we have just arrived in every kids paradise! Here are some of the highlights of today. And for those of you out there who like to give me a hard time about not having any pictures of Brett on my blog, I have big intentions of getting some pictures of him, however today was not that day!!

Sam and Carson found this tiny frog, He was smaller than an inch!

Sam had fun taking Bonnie for rides in the "Hummer"
Bonnie didn't like the grass.
She warmed up to it a little after I stripped her down!!

All in all it was a great first day here at the Ranch!! Stay tuned for more adventures form Oregon!


Kirsten said...

You are so lucky to be away from this heat! We've been LIVING in the pool. Hope you have a good time! How are you packing if you are in Oregon? Shouldn't you be moving soon?

Kristin said...

I finished all the packing before I left and Terry is moving us on Friday (that is unless we don't get keys like we are supposed to.) Anyway we should be coming home to a whole new house on Aug. 1st.