End of Day 21!

I can't believe that we have already been here for 3 weeks. It has just flown by. I put Terry on the plane to come home this morning and we came back to a very quiet house. I love it when it is quiet here. This place just has magic about it that make you feel like there isn't a care in the world. I still have 4 more days before I head back to the blistering heat, not looking forward to that. But I am excited to come home to our new house. Terry worked extremely hard before he came up here to get us all moved in. Now i just hove to come home and put it all together!! ANYWAY back no not a car in the world.... The kids and I just had a real relaxing day hanging around the ranch. Grammy was here this weekend and she is teaching me how to crochet (again, my last lesson was when I was 10!) Well Sam was just too interested in crocheting and pestered me until I finally broke down and gave her her first lesson. She has started with a chain and got it to about 5 feet long. we are now working on a hot pad. She does pretty well when she has the patience. She would rather just to the chain!!
After we had some dinner and put some brownies in the oven we went for a drive in the mule. We saw this whole family of deer in the field up the road.
We saw the llama's, no good pictures though, they're not very photogenic beasts!! I put the Bon Bon in the road for a little pic, turned out kinda cute.

It occurred to me that many of you have no idea where it is I am so here is just a little taste of the splendor I have been enjoying for the past 21 days. The Shady Willows River Ranch is in Medford, Oregon. The property is on the Rogue River which we love to go rafting on, stay tuned for video of our last excursion down the river. Words can't really express how wonderful it is here. You just have to see if for yourself!!


Neil & Kate said...

OH MY GOSH!! IT'S been so long!!! I was so excited to get your little note on classmates.com. Check out my blog at www.morganfamily2003.blogspot.com Hope all is well with you and hope to hear from you soon!!
Love ya-

Janae said...

Great photos! It looks like a terrific place to be:)
Your photo shoot of Mitch and Shannon's family is wonderful!