End of Day 2

I won't continue to bore you all with pictures for the entirety of our 26 day vacation I am just loving taking pictures up here. The lighting is awesome and the color is just a perfect combo for great pics!

Brett has been waiting eagerly ever since his 10th birthday to get his MULE drivers license. He does do good but that probably because of all his practice driving my buggy at the dunes.

2 girls, 4 beautiful blue eyes.

Zacky Zoo
In the river too!
Again girls, he's only 11.
Yet another frog, Carson is a great frog hunter.


*austyn* said...

how cute! haha i love the pics of all of zacks rolls! haha

The Young's said...

It looks like you are having tons of fun! Can't wait to get there in a couple of weeks. We miss you! (Blog is up and running although I dont have any idea what I am doing!!!) XO Shell