Word - 2013


All you need is love

Love is all you need

I have come to the conclusion that I am missing something in my life.  Life has been hard the last few years. I have let it consume me and any ounce of happiness I have.  My kids say I am never happy anymore and they are right.  When tossing around ideas of what my word for this new year should be I thought of happiness but truly I think that what I am really lacking in my life is LOVE.  I am not giving or showing enough love.  Love is crucial to being happy and if you can't love then you can't be happy.   I have decided to not only choose a word for the year but a sub category of the word for each month.  Something to really focus on LOVING!

I've created a desktop background for each month so I can be reminded of what I am working on every time I get on my laptop.


Michelle said...

This is something we all need more of. I love that you are consciously focusing on it. Love you, K.

Jenn said...

Love your word and love your desktop. Mine's going to be 'beauty'. Time to start finding the beauty in everything instead of the muck. :)

Tracey said...

yes! What a great word for your year. Still searching for mine.