Be Still

Be still.

My new goal, to be still.
Let my mind ponder and be open to inspiration from the spirit. I find I busy myself so as not to be alone with myself. I know I am missing valuable time with my father in heaven by making sure there is always noise. Life can be so hard to be IN and the noise drowns out the hard for a time but I know that if I but be still The Lord can inspire me to do what is needed to raise my family up to the him. 

So I will be still. If only for a moment. 

{photo of my home away from home:Shady Willows River Ranch in Medford Oregon}

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Heather M. said...

Yes! I need to do this more too. It's very hard but so worth it. I was just reading a blog post yesterday on savouring and how we never really savour things in life any more because we don't take the time. To be this is an extension of our inability to be still. I need to do both things more in my life. Thanks for the reminder.