The Book of Mormon | Another Testament of Jesus Christ: My Testimony

Confession time: So this is embarrassing for me to admit to you my readers, especially the ones who are members of the Church.  I recently finished reading the Book of Mormon in its entirety for the first time.

How can you be a member of the church and not have read the whole Book of Mormon?

Well in my 35 years of being a member of this wonderful Gospel I am sure I have read the book in it's entirety, just not cover to cover. Pouring over it's pages and feasting upon the words written.  I have spent the last 21 months doing just that. Not just reading but STUDYING those words.

I have had a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true for as long as I can remember.  Actually I don't remember ever doubting it's work as being of God, \ a truer book has never been written. I never thought that it could have changed me the way it has though.  I have gained a testimony of this Book like I never thought possible.  It has brought me closer to my My Savior than I ever thought simply reading could.

I have not been shy about the struggles that we have been having over the last few years.  It has been tough.  REALLY  TOUGH!  It continues to be.  Life is just plain hard.  But through prayer and  study of this book I have been carried thorough these treacherous times and made me a better, stronger more faithful woman.  I have learned lessons that opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel and of the mysteries of the universe.  I have had answers to prayers more times than I can count, in the words I have read.

The book also helped me gain a testimony that the Bible is a true account of the prophets of old.  The authors of the book testify to the Bible being true words given us by God.  We as a family are studying the New Testament this year and both books reaffirm my testimony of the other! The Book of Mormon IS Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  The Book of Mormon tells about the Savior, before his birth, his mortal ministry, his death and subsequent resurrection.  In fact the Book of Mormon mentions Christ in some form every 1.7 versus. If that isn't a testament I don't know what is.  The book of Mormon is written by prophets that through the power of God taught the people the righteous ways of the Savior on this continent.  I am not a writer and it is hard for me to express my feelings about this sacred text, but I hope you can feel of my conviction of the truthfulness of this Book.

So why?
Why do I write these words today?
In such a public forum?
Where I am open to criticism, and slander?

Because I HAVE TO!
It is my duty to declare it from the rooftops, and since I don't know how I would even get on my roof, let alone if anyone other than the 15 people who live in earshot of my house would hear it, I choose here.
My place where i have a voice to the world.
I probably get 300 unique views a month on this blog and that is if I don't post it to facebook.  It is very scary for me to put this out there like this.  I don't know why because if you know you me you know I am a Mormon and I love it!  I am not shy about my faith but sharing my experience as I conclude my reading of this sacred text I leaves me vulnerable for some odd reason!

So there it is.

And now I am going to ask something of you, my wonderful friends and lurkers and maybe even a few of you that really don't care that much for me as a person but are here out of sure curiosity, I ask that you take my challenge.
A challenge you say? 
Yes a challenge!
I want to challenge you to read this book.  Whether you are a member of the church or not! Whether you think Mormons are crazy and have lots of wives and wear funny underwear or not!  I want you to read these words.  If you will accept my challenge I will mail you a free copy of the Book of Mormon with no strings attached.  After you read it you can use it to fill in those empty book shelves if you want, or you can put it on your nightstand to prop up your phone at night.  I hope you will take some time to open it's pages and feel the spirit that comes when reading this book.  If nothing else it's free, you have nothing to loose! RIGHT??

So who will take my challenge?

Leave me a message in my comments section with your address or you can e-mail me to keep it more private kristinconkphotography@gmail.com, but whatever you do, if my words have touched you in anyway, don't let the feeling pass.  Take a minute to just put your address down and let me give you the greatest gift I have ever received!


Pam said...

I just started reading with the goal to read through the BoM twice this year. I like you have probably only read it cover to cover twice my entire life. I'm more of a topic kind of studier so I know I've read all the scriptures a million times, just not in order. Thanks for sharing this though. It IS true. And I don't know why I'm so shocked because I've been through it before, but I'm still amazed by the difference it makes in my life when I'm truly reading and studying. Challenge accepted!

Melanie said...

Beautiful, brave, awesome and inspiring post Kristin! I am grateful for your testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have read it a number of times. Sometimes it has been incredibly moving and life changing. Other times it has been more of a struggle to "get through" it. Either way, I know it has changed me and made me a better person. I know I need to keep reading and studying it again and again.

Ber said...

I hadn't read the B of M cover to cover till I was in the MTC. If I hadn't have gone on a mission, maybe I still wouldn't have, who knows! But when you study it and truly feast upon the words, it's beautiful the transformation your faith will take. Thank you for sharing your testimony!