Succulent Terrariums

I had been seeing them on the web all over the place, but our recent trip to southern California really inspired me.  Our beach house (yes it's OURS...you gotta problem wit dat?) is owned by a landscape artist and he apparently has a thing for succulents.  They covered the grounds, front and back.  On a whim one date night back in June I expressed my interest in making a little glass terrarium.  We spent the whole drive to St. George and all of dinner doing some research.  We bought some really cool apothecary jars at TJMaxx, then headed to Home Depot and Walmart for the soil and plants.  On our way home we did some more research via smartphones...and found that these types of terrariums need drainage holes.  With a little more work and a trip to Ace to buy a glass drill bit we were ready to go.  

I am in love with them.  They look so pretty when they sit on my center counter, but I have to keep them up in my window box for the most part so they get enough sun.  They are pretty low maintenance, just my kind of plant!! 



Anonymous said...

J'adore! :)

ZeldaMom said...

Very pretty. I had regular plant terrariums years ago and they did great. Are the drainage holes needed because they are succulants?

Darci Buhl said...

I've been wanting to make some of these for so long! Yours look really cool. And who knew about the drainage holes?!