52 | 2012 - Autumn

I really struggled with coming up with photos that mean Autumn to me because the season doesn't usually hit until around mid to late November around these parts, so I thought, what is going on in my life "right now" where the rest of the world is enjoying the crisper air and cooler temps.
Well....we are back in the swing of school and routines.  Regular musical instrument practice and homework.  I am about to pull my hair out with those two things right now and I didn't want my hostility towards the two to come through in my photos.  I (though Wendy the great quite disagrees) think that photos should mostly be happy and capture good times...who wants to remember the hair pulling and teeth clenching? NOT ME!! So I decided to capture what I so enjoy about this time.My sweet little girl missed the school cut off for Kindergarten by a few weeks but that just means I get to have her all to myself for another year before I send her off to be corrupted.  We try to do "homework" often on these days. Now before you award me mother of the year, this is purely at her begging a pleading.  She is a very bright girl and thanks to Ms. Heather is beginning reading so I try to keep her engaged as much as my patience will allow.  I do enjoy hearing her play independently with her figurines and putting on music concerts for her stuffed animals! I love walking by and seeing the little "scenes" she has created for her toys to enjoy while she takes a nap.  I want to just suck up every last bit of these last few months I have with my baby girl!
Tune in next week for our 52|2012 challenge where our word is - Tools.
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Jenn said...

I'm with you - no dark moody Wendy moments for me either. But I love how you captured your autumn.

Hanne said...

Enjoy every minute with your girl! If I only could turn back time and enjoy my kids again....have a wonderful weekend

Liza said...

"corrupted"...That cracked me up. Savor the last year with your baby girl.

ZeldaMom said...

My daughter missed the cut off by one day...she was so ready, but it was great for her to be the oldest in her class.
Enjoy every minute, good and not so good, because time just screams on by.